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Richard Raisch


Richard has worked at the West Point post office for more than 34 years and loves being a part of the West Point community, as is evident in the fact that most of his major works reflect the history, the architecture and the natural world surrounding the United States Military Academy.

Richard and his husband have been together for 30 years and they have lived on Beaver Dam lake for more than 20- years.

Richard comes from a family of painters, drawers and doodlers. He is self taught, and he only started taking  painting seriously in 2007, and he hasn’t stopped yet! His primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but he has experimented with many other mediums.  His  work hangs in many places on West Point.

"I learn something new with every painting I paint, and look forward to the next project. I strive to make every painting as accurate as can be.   My favorite comment is when someone who views my work asks if it a photograph.. that tells me I am succeeding."


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