John Vincent Morais

“Whimsy and humor play a part in my work.  I am inspired by echoes  of childhood memories, the circus and carnivals.  I attended the Art Students League when I lived in New York City but I have been part of the Washingtonville Community for over thirty-five years.   Retirement has given me the opportunity to rekindle my love of painting.”

JVM Circus 2 12x18 print
JVM Castinettes 12x18 print
JVM Cloister 2 15x20
JVM Broadway Terrace 15x20
JVM Cloister 1 15x20
JVM Circus 1 15x20 ac on board
JVM Larry's Mother 15x20 ac on board
JVM Squiggle 1 14x20
JVM Squiggle People 2 3 4 14x20