Russell Astrab

A native of Yonkers, Russ graduated from Saunders Trade & Technical High School where he pursued the  Architectural Curriculum.   After a Navy enlistment, he worked for Con Edison for 35 years in Nuclear Power Generation.  Sometime after retiring , his wife Lorraine,  gave him art lessons as a Christmas present and he discovered a love for oil painting.  He finds his artistic pursuit is a growing process that expands his powers of observation and always leaves room for improvement and discovery.

ASTRAB signs of spring 14x18
m ASTRAB untitled 16x20
m ASTRAB Morning Run 16x20
m ASTRAB Resting Place 16x20
ASTRAB Rings Pond Cornwall NY 11x14
m ASTRAB Motif #1 16x20
m ASTRAB Riverwalk 12x16
ASTRAB Gazebo at Rings Pond Cornwall NY 11x14
m ASTRAB Strom King Winter 12x16
m ASTRAB An Artist's Palate 18x24
m ASTRAB Still Life 18x24
ASTRAB Still Life with Carrots 11x14
m ASTRAB Fallen Prey 18x24
m ASTRAB kdis
m ASRAB woman